Hardware concept



computers have made great inroads in our everyday life  and thinking . they have put  to use for all sorts of applications ranging from the complex calculation in field or frontline research, engineering simulations down to teaching , printing books,and recreational games. the ease with  which computers can process data, store and retrieve it painlessly have made them inevitable in office and business environments. the areas of applications of computers are confined only  by  limitations on human creativity and imagination. in fact, any task that can be carried out systematically, can be performed by a computer. therefore , it is essential for every educated person today to know about a computer , its strengths, its weaknesses and its internal structure. and that is what we are going to explain  in  this websites.

  1. What is a computer?

hey, you all know  what computer is . but let us formally define it first.a computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of operations in accordance with a set of instructions called program.

Functioning of a computer

  1. Input
  2. process
  3. output