How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL For Improved Security.

How To Change WordPress  Admin Login URL For Improved Security

WORDPRESSSECURITYHello, Guys after so much time I written this post for security concern of your wordpress account and way to secure your wordpress account .

One of the most common types of hacking on wordpress is a brute force attack . in this kind of attack, a hacker attempts to try various permutations & combination of usernames and password to get inside of your wordpress blog.

Especially when we all know that the common wordpress admin URL is “ wp-admin”, any hacker can easily get started with brute force attacking.

There are many free security wordpress plugins out there that help you prevent brute force attacks. One major step you can take right now is by changing the wordpress admin URL. This way, hackers will not be able to find the login link & this reduce the chance of getting attacked.

In this wordpress security series. I will be showing you how you can use two plugins to change your URL. One plugin is simply used to change the login URL of wordpress from security perspective, and the other one is experience.

At the end of this guide, I have also shared more useful resources that you can follow to improve the overall security of your wordpress blog.

How To Change WP Login URL With WPS Hide Login Plugin :


wps hide login url

WPS Hide Login is the simplest & most straightforward wordpress plugin for changing the admin URL. You can install this plugin by searching for “ WPS Hide Login” from your wordpress dashboard

Once you have installed & activated the plugin, go to settings> General to configure the options. Scroll down & at the bottom, you will see the option to configure the “ WPS Hide Login “ plugin.

You can put anything in the blank space & that will be your new login URL. For example, in the above is the  new wordpress admin login URL.

From asecurity perspective, it’s a good idea to change your WP- admin login URL to make it hard for hacker to guess.